A FREE HAT BOX for any felt hat purchase on our web-store !!!

Get into a Fully Custom Beaver Fur Felt Hat Experience with Us!


1 - Choose your color out of the curretnly available shades :

1 - Choose the shape of your hat and the brim to crown proportions :

3 - Pick and choose the adronemnts out of anything you’ve seen on the hats listed in the SHOP section. We'll reach out to you to gather this information.

4 - We'll get through a simple but improtant procedure to adjust the fit of the hat to your exact skull shape while the hat would be in the making.

5 - We'll provide you photos of the finished hat for confirmation before the hat goes your way.


It takes 7-10 business days to build a custom hat from scratch. This timeframe, however, might be longer if we need to procure special elements to finish the hat and that are not available immediately, for instance special requests as to the accessorizing the hat.

Don't sleep of this opportunity ! We often select only a few of felts out of each color.

Treat yourself to a sustainably made product of an exeprt hand-made quality that is build to last.

Chapolala bespoke hats make heads turn!

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