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VENOM Collection - PARADI

VENOM Collection hats

- Camel wool felt
- Fire and pigment patina (author's technique)
- 11-12 cm medium height crown depending on the size
- Nicely stiffened 9 cm flat brim
- Genuine leather hat band
- Fabric strap
- Suede rope
- Selection of pearls
- Peacock feather
- Dried flowers
- Black padded cotton sweatband
- Cotton liner

The hat is made to measure and to order from scratch within about 1-2 weeks. Made to measure items are not subject to return or refund (see: Legal Terms).

Check international hat sizing chart in "Size/Fit".

You will receive our e-mail to determine the fit of the hat, you'are very welcome to reply to it ASAP.

Leave us a message if you need any changes to the hat design - all changes (from brim-crown measurements, to the adornments) are free of charge.

Feel free to contact us for any questions or suggestions via Contact form.

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